Sunday, 16 May 2010

Getting big now...(&Dinnington)

My little girl...isn't so little anymore! She's growing like a weed. She had a superfun day at Dinnington and is really coming out of herself now. She had a bark while we were at the ring, well, an "arhoooo". Very cute. I shaped it into a "speak" command, and she melted all the 'Owlers when we got back and was barking on command. She decided that Jet's green ball was the best thing ever, think we'll have to get her one (not in green, of course, that's Jetly's!). She played with the tuggy lots and was really pulling for it, she even did some recalls to it and boy was she quick. I'm soooo pleased, as she can be such a shy little thing sometimes - but I forget she's still only young. Like at agility, she was very interested in watching Jet run, but not so much in her toys, I know it will come and trying to get her to play with it first time there was probably a bit much! It made me feel better talking to Sarah, who said her Floss was a very quiet pup and now she's a raving lunatic. Then I think about Jet, and she wasn't particularly mad either - it's always the quiet ones, clearly! Plus, when you live with Jet and Chip, there's not much chance of being sane.

She was however going crazy when I was boxloading for George at 'Owlers camp, James could hardly keep hold of her. She also had a good bark at Ollie from Rotherham doing his boxwork too. At presentations she was adamant that she wanted to play with Nat's JRT pup Esther, but the poor girly has pins in her leg, so understandably didn't oblige. Finally, thanks to Nat for her huge(!!) pink kong wubba, that she loves :D.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Fly is still doing well! She's loving her tuggy more than ever and has suddenly fallen in love with tennis I should say she's doing reeeally well. A couple of weeks back, she'd win her toy and run off with it - now she comes bounding back to play with it some more.

She's learnt "left" this week, and hand touches to have a bash at some heelwork, probably just for fun. We've kept up with the proprioception work and she's done bits of the elephant trick.

She's still quite a shy girl when she's out and about. She's not scared or worried about anything, but just takes a while to come out of herself. At home she's a lunatic.

Fly came to training this weekend, and was playing with her new bestest friend in the whole wide world, Diva the vizsla.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Well Fly now weighs 6.5kg! The big fatty, she seems to have grown loads!

She had lots of fun at Drax, she was a bit unsure at first but got more confident and had cuddles with everyone - I'm going to have a sweepstake on how big she's going to be, I've had everything from 13" height dog to MASSIVE. She played lots of tuggy by the ring and watched a lot of flyball. She wasn't really phased by anything, and she saw loads of new things. There seemed to be puppies galore, so she made lots of friends, including devious Diva!

Thanks to Hazell at Tyne she has a fantastic furry tuggy that she loves :D. Yey!

Watching div.1!