Friday, 29 October 2010

No need for a change of title...

...because, yes, yet again I am an incredibly bad blogger!

I've actually had a week with Fly this week, not under particularly happy circumstances as I have been in bed most of it with a mystery sickness was not nice. She has however taken it upon herself to be at my side 24/7, which was cute to start with, but a whippet shaped lead weight trying to lie on you every second of the day doesn't quite rank so highly. Sweet (for a while).

Over the last couple of days, I have had a bit more energy and I've been doing some retrieves to tug. This is something that just feels like it is coming together at the moment *touch wood* with just the right balance between liking the ball/tug. Don't get me wrong, she could like them both more, but she's completing the exercise. We're in the very fortunate and extremely lucky position to have Kelly Robbins helping us out at the moment. She's watched a few of my videos of Fly and given us some massive pointers that seem to be working really well for us, plus a lot lined up for us to continue working on. Kelly really understands the way that Fly works and I can't thank her enough so far; mind you she is somewhat of a whippet expert, owning 3 herself. I love seeing things work, and it makes me even more excited about training Fly, she does make me smile :) Bless her blue cottons!